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If you’ve arrived here, it’s likely you’re living the default version of your life, which you’ve come to know through outside influences. My aim as a coach and a creative is to inspire you to become the creator of your life

Women are unique; we must dig deep to define ourselves at every stage of life. This has gotten increasingly difficult with how disconnected the world feels. It’s also a real struggle when we’re exhausted, overwhelmed, feeling burned out, and comparing our lives with the pictures, stories, and snippets of how well everyone else is doing. It makes us feel less than.

But you’re not. You are here to live with ease, connection and purpose. And the time to do that is now. I ask you a single beautiful question from the poet Mary Oliver: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

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Your life, your way—no more compromises. It’s time to uncover what really matters to you and then live it fully and authentically.

Change is an invitation for creative growth. Are you ready?
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"I think coaching is an incredible way to feed myself so I can be more available for others. Helps to give me direction. I truly appreciate and value your wisdom, advice and insight; your ability to share at a deep level. I feel like I can bring my half-baked ideas and they will not be censored or judged but contemplated, honored, acknowledged."
- Stella K.

About Me: Nancy Bishop

When I turned 40, I asked myself this question: Is there more to life than the repetition of one work day after another? My discontentment was clear and there was a nagging, internal voice telling me there was more. Having also managed a chronic illness since the age of 20, I felt unbalanced and burnt out. I longed to rediscover the experiences that brought me joy.

My personal journey of finding my way back to my authentic self guides me in every coaching experience. Having "been there," I can tune into unspoken feelings through careful listening and by paying attention to my intuition. When we acknowledge and release these tired, old stories, life suddenly gets lighter. We start to feel more comfortable, less critical of ourselves, and more open to life's possibilities.

It is a privilege to support other women in their journeys because when coaching works well, both people are growing. We have this one short life. It’s time to live your life your way. Don't waste another minute of your precious time here.

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My customizable coaching style is designed to support you in creating your life your way so you can experience greater health and wellness, sense of purpose, and spiritual connection.

As you start down the path to a more fulfilled life, my role is to be your partner in sorting out the myriad choices and opportunities available to you. Coaching sessions begin with creating a foundation of dedicated self-care. Once that foundation is laid, anything becomes possible.

My clients discover how to honor their hearts, health, gifts and talents, bringing their REAL selves to life. I'll guide you toward the resources, tools, and activities you need to feel more fulfillment and joy every day!

For your convenience, I provide personal coaching by phone. I am also available to coach small groups and provide workshops.

Now is the time to begin. Don't waste a moment more.

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